Ezra Scoring & Ezra Discover

Now featuring State Registration (for participating states only)! More features and announcements to come soon.

Register once, use it whenever you need to

Annoyed by countless different registration forms for every single tournament? Worry no longer. Ezra integrates registration into its very core; once a school registers for an account with Ezra, they can reuse core information and only need to fill out custom questions (as determined by event organizers).

Stay up to date with all required forms

Whether your tournament organizer has you submitting forms through email or in-person, you'll be in the know for everything you need to compete.

Find everything you need to, no hassle

It's often troublesome to find information you need at-a-glance, such as a school map, events schedule, contact information, and more. Ezra compiles this information from event organizers and delivers it to schools, so you spend less time worrying and your students spend more time doing great things.

Manage your tournaments like never before

Have the ability to control every facet of your tournament, from the moment registration opens to the second that final scores are presented.

Email and phone information at-a-glance

Handling registration data can get complicated and tricky. Ezra compiles all your team's information and presents you with everything you need; need to quickly grab a coach's email or phone number? It's as simple as clicking a link. No searching through emails or documents.

Enhanced scoring and Calculation for all events

For build events, online rubrics allow event judges to enter only a minimal amount of information. Ezra takes care of calculating the final score; no more messy Excel sheets!