LI Science Olympiad Invitational - Division B

LI Science Olympiad Invitational - Division B - Results

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School Name
Final Score
Final Place
School Name
Community Middle School - Team A8222443312312133416114111451
Paul J. Gelinas JHS - Team A1411410952143191515322412210802
Springhouse Middle School - Team B21251111584178369172925637903
Bay Academy - Team A55936311184524721911826835271104
Bedford Middle School - Team A671811121692811108281141773138111475
Paul J. Gelinas JHS - Team B1133146252122124137112391619179441526
Community Middle School - Team B91545211466107935115211241391611171747
Pleasantville Middle School - Team A1713129982356111471283182756246241758
C.J. Hooker Middle School - Team A7137878251356161031991123162159181819
Springhouse Middle School - Team A4331725724105621192161614817611102818610
Bedford Middle School - Team B1834611517921325834111021220720101214222711
C.P. Weber Middle School - Team B1082219136131312181215191623151310313816523812
Bay Academy - Team B141123231427777101014149107106341915131923913
Islip Middle School - Team A153310243161041921281217121112161151834121426214
Wisdom Lane Middle School - Team A13331612222412149141517221971419208710172028515
Nathaniel Hawthorne Middle School 74 - Team A2034341317261718341318562518257315152115330016
Bay Academy - Team C163419161210111715162441628134521342419182530517
Bro. Joseph Fox - Team A19107212319201616262027132417882212112219630918
C.P. Weber Middle School - Team A12338153121192918272119241826617131420772233419
Chapin School - Team A23334141511181917281320181724203415102534292336220
Brooklyn Amity Team A3343410162221233417252215272813232643414341539221
Jericho Middle School - Team A2514212925152734341526620264102827222734251340522
Wisdom Lane Middle School - Team B223434171823222011192729211415232624342320271641723
Jonas E. Salk - Team A243334222413342234201621231514302114341424211241724
Sunset Park Prep - Team A27161826202024272691718282220262519182917282642125
West Babylon Junior High School - Team A29341330272525152424193026232224221291634242143026
Pleasantville Middle School - Team B2191520343434122034342534434222434111234342946227
Jonas E. Salk - Team B3063427291826263423292827202527183434261820946628
Nathaniel Hawthorne Middle School 74 - Team B28343428283414243422222625292728292534222326850229
East Hampton Middle School - Team A343420341934343421343423343429291534233434343458730
North Middle School - Team A263434183034282834342334293030343034343034233059331
Gordon Parks School For Inquisitive Minds - Team A343324343428343425343424343434343434252825223460832
East Hampton Middle School - Team B343434342634343423343434343416313434213434343462733