NYC Regional - Division B

NYC Regional - Division B - Results

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School Name
Final Score
Final Place
School Name
Bay Academy - Team A17114183122212228131411611521
Bay Academy - Team B42625720251535949944329142111132
Hunter College High School - Team A237121251169188663113111341101421533
Brooklyn Amity Team A31096715756367419312552111321681664
Sunset Park Prep - Team A119456112641351495572395917267191705
Saint Ignatius Loyola - Team A8183494978141067118479119349531726
Nathaniel Hawthorne Middle School 74 - Team A61121181021321181221615110695763181777
Buckley School - Team A585172311234791337206710710546121818
Buckley School - Team B156131412613811613519461110218106121115152379
Horace Mann Middle Division - Team A1013161520539192391147201411142112662610628110
Salk School of Science - Team A1214103316411147141316101410172520151223171629111
Our Lady of Hope Catholic Academy - Team A191177161423618241216822116152514128168201031712
Salk School of Science - Team B131712101882114151020191712171842522241431713733213
Nathaniel Hawthorne Middle School 74 - Team B181219810122223717172111211012262517211522139535814
Buckley School - Team C26192624262616101283153826265678171421262136215
Salk School of Science - Team C1616209141319202215212025151881625121713819181337416
Our Lady of Hope Catholic Academy - Team B7151519221810161720161022191519325241871912112638317
Calhoun - Team A94182621962420131924121812211813823191118262038818
Jonas Bronck Academy - Team B17242113191724152316112510201323261525618231014439819
Arthur Cunningham Middle School - Team A212214201523142125121511231426131425191321207121441320
Riverdale Kingsbridge Academy - Team A232082317211719241922141823211526121114161820211742221
Sunset Park Prep - Team B22526222622111841841820262617268232522152682342422
Jonas Bronck Academy - Team A1423111611191522102224222113162426251620202115192243723
The American Dream School - Team A20212318132618179212617151719162625212226265262447424
Xaverian - Team A242622212320122521262323242426222625151623262622951225