Welcome to the 2018-2019 Illinois Science Olympiad season. This is the registration form for Division B (grades 6-8) and Division C (9-12) teams only! If you are trying to register an Elementary team, please visit the ISO Elementary website for details at

Registration runs August 20, 2018 (7pm) to December 15 (midnight).



·       August 15 - October 26 (Early Bird): Varsity (1st team) $250, JV teams $200 each (max 2)

·       October 27 - December 15: Varsity (1st team) $270, JV teams $220 each (max 2)


Registration Options

Schools may register:  Varsity, JV #1, JV #2

·       The FIRST team from every school MUST be a VARSITY team. Please do NOT sign up a JV team without first signing up a Varsity team.

·       A school is only allowed 1 Varsity team and a maximum of 2 JV teams (dependent on availability at the tournament location).


Rules Manuals

Rules manuals are digital and are expected to be available online in early September on You will no longer receive a printed manual. You can purchase printed manuals at the national Science Olympiad store.